​​If you are a local family, left struggling after the loss of a child, please contact us directly either through our Facebook page, or email either or if you believe we can help you in any way.
As well as telling you about how our family managed to get through such a horrific time, we can give professional help. We could do this through 24/7 support lines, by providing funded private counselling for you or other family members, by giving you one of our ‘memory boxes’, by giving advice, and many other ways- so please feel welcome to ask for our help.

Every Thursday 5-7pm at the Ladybrook Community Centre, Mansfield.
These sessions are an informal chance to meet others struggling with the death of someone below age 25.
Everyone is welcome, children and adults of all ages.
Here you can chat in a safe space (although there is no pressure to do so), borrow books from our 'grief support' library, learn about new memorial activities, and get access to counselling support.

On 07988756095

Here are just a few links to services and organizations that have really helped us with our grief in the past:
The Compassionate Friends is a charitable organization that can put you in touch with other bereaved families in your area, whether this is through social media or organized events. It’s good to know that you’re not alone in this.
Counselling Directory allows you to search for local counsellors in your area, as well as allowing you to see what specialist areas, experience and qualifications each counsellor has. We advise that you put your name down onto the list for NHS funded counselling services ASAP, but the wait for these services can be very long- so don’t be afraid to use private services in the meantime. Feel free to contact us for specific counsellors or organisations that we would recommend to you, or for any financial support you may need from us.
Cruse are a voluntary counselling organization that offers support specifically for bereaved individuals. Their site allows you to search for the nearest Cruse centre near you, and it has contact information for you to get the ball rolling. Their services are free, but the waiting list can be very long- so get your name down ASAP.
CASY are another great counselling service nearby. They specialise in helping children and young people between the ages of 6 and 25, in the Newark area. Through personal experience, we can highly reccomend CASY for their counselling and support services. Although they are a charitable organisation, they ask for a small fee for each session to sustain their services (£5 or £20, depending on your annual salary). Their waiting lists are not as long as those for Cruse, but we still advise registering with them ASAP.

In addition to counselling services and online communities, we also reccomend practising mindfulness.
Grief brings with it all kinds of difficult emotions, and we believe that practising mindfulness can be very helpful for dealing with these emotions. Specific exercises can help you to understand and cope with your own mind, in a time of such great stress. Follow the above link to find out about mindfulness courses in the Mansfield area. There are plenty of mobile apps andYoutube channels that can also help with mindfulness, such as 'Headspace' and 'Insight Timer' apps, as well as Youtube channels such as 'NewMindfulLife' and 'EverydayMindfulness'.